Monday, March 20, 2017

Kicking the Tires, Lighting the Fires -- Updated: Finished Piece, Plus Source Video!

I just read in the news recently that USS Bataan (LHD-5) is officially underway on her latest deployment to serve our nation in the Mediterranean Sea.

I was privileged to be on board her last September, as she prepared for this very deployment by undergoing PMINT training with the 24th MEU.

As it relates to the Bataan getting underway, I post here the beginnings of a painting which is in process on the easel this very day, and which depicts that very thing-- getting started. It's called, "Lighting the Boiler on USS Bataan," (oil on canvas, 27" x 24").

I was invited down to the Engineering spaces to see them light the boilers, which was a wonderful combination of Old and New, a modern amphibious assault ship still run by old-fashioned boiler steam!

Updated! (June 29, 2017): THE FINISHED PIECE, SIGNED!

Here's the source video I took while the lighting was going on. It gives a great view of the whole process, only the key moment of which I tried to capture in a scene.